Recruiting Information

Do you have what it takes to be one of FSU’s elite? We hold annual recruiting each spring to select partners for the subsequent fall semester. All applications will be reviewed directly after the posted deadline and interviews will be scheduled the following week. We are currently at capacity, however we are accepting applications for partnership beginning in Fall 2018. If you are interested, please fill out the application below for review. If you have any questions, feel free to click on the contact button at the bottom of the page. Check our Facebook page for upcoming information sessions and events. 

Year-round Application Acceptance

Applications are open year round and will be judged on a person by person basis until the Consulting Group reaches capacity (14 Partners).

General Body

There is also a General Body that is open to all FSU students, no application required. Several meetings are held each semester that allow students to learn more about consulting, sharpen their professional skills, and become better business leaders. All are welcome to join!

Have a Question?

The Florida State University Consulting Group is comprised of the top performing undergraduate College of Business students

interested in pursuing a career in consulting. Our goal is to build a foundation for consulting within

the College of Business while providing students with the skills needed to excel in the industry. The

Consulting Group takes on real world case projects from local businesses and organizations

which is intended to give each consulting group member “hands-on” consulting experience;

combined with the extensive case interview prep we provide, group members will have

all the tools they need to start a successful career in consulting.

Seats Available

Fourteen partners, one elite group.