Our Services

Below is a list of our most common service offerings. Our diverse student, faculty, and advisor backgrounds allow us to formulate creative insights and data driven solutions for a wide range of business problems.

Internal Strategy

External Environment

Business Unit Strategy

Organization Structure

  • Organizational Hierarchy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Internal Benchmarks

Market & Industry Analysis

  • Growth & Trend Analysis
  • Consumer Demographic Analysis
  • Local Market Breakdown

Operations Optimization

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Strategic Partnerships

Brand & Innovation

  • Product Innovation
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Image Consulting

Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive Landscapes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Core Competency Evaluation

Sales & Marketing

  • Target Market
  • Social Media Action Plan
  • Promotion/Advertising Strategy

Project Management

  • ROI/Cost Analysis
  • Capital Raising
  • Implementation Timelines

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Survey Design
  • Market Research
  • Focus Group Formulation

Product Development

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Cost & Lifecycle Analysis
  • Product Feature Development

Past Clients

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