Tallahassee Musuem

In 2015, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with the Tallahassee Museum in an effort to help both organizations grow. Our work included the following:

Facility Rentals Analysis:

In our Facility Rentals Analysis, we created a competitive analysis of the offerings of other businesses in the Tallahassee area. This included our suggestions for what areas we believe the Museum should target, as well as the individual facilities we believe provide the most value to the consumer. Furthermore, we have developed an improved pricing strategy for birthday parties with detailed reasoning as to why we favored a model different from the current pricing structure.

Trail Break Café Analysis:

Our Trail Break Café Analysis detailed what we discovered when we looked at the internal operations and requests of the café, as well as our resulting focus on driving traffic to the café through a variety of means. This included internal promotions to draw people into the café, as well as a shift in the web presence of the café.

Museum Promotions:

The last section we worked on focused on driving traffic to the museum as a whole, which we believe will benefit not only admissions revenues but those for the Café and Facility Rentals as well. These promotions are external to the museum operations, and are varied in their consumer targets

The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar Association requires its members to complete thirty (30) hrs of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training within a 3-year span in order to retain BAR certification. In recent years, the Bar has seen a decrease in the revenue generated from such CLE courses and a corresponding decrease in member registrations for Bar-sponsored courses.

The FSU Consulting Group reviewed financial and qualitative data from the RPPTL section of the Florida Bar in order to gain a better understanding of why decreases in revenue and attendance of Bar sponsored CLE classes are occurring. The Group created and administered a survey instrument to Florida Bar Members in order to measure the value Florida Bar place on current offerings and collect input on what improvements could be made. The consulting group also completed a competitive analysis of the FL Bar’s CLE offerings compared to that of the 3rd party providers.

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